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Hat Heaven

Ladies, get your hats ready. It's spring in the South which means the Kentucky Derby is just around the corner kicking off Southern "hat heaven". From the sidelines of the world's most famous horse race, to coastal oyster roasts and Sunday brunches, hat season has arrived!

Pair your beautiful bonnet with the perfect mint julep and happiness will be a sip away. At Tales of the South, we just love wearing gorgeous Southern hats for just about any occasion. The secret to a wearing one like a pro, is the fit. Once you place your hat on your head, it should never need to be adjusted or fussed with. Your hat should be more than an accessory, it should be an extension of your person. Southern Living Magazine has published a fabulous fashion guide geared for Kentucky Derby fans, but practical for all Southern hat wearing occasions, noting that while it is proper ettiquet for men to remove their hats during the singing of the National Anthem, it is perfectly proper for ladies to keep their hats in place.

As we begin hat season and move into even warmer weather, we'd love to share a mint julep with you and try on some of the many hats we've collected over the years - all have a tale to tell. Give us a call and let's talk dates for your next custom tour with Tales of the South:


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