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Our Tale


"If it is not fun, we don't do it!" ~Mrs. Odom

Tales of the South is a full event and regional destination management group providing services for meeting and events, weddings, group and student travel, and more. 


We provide you with a comprehensive service, striving to meet all of your event and tour needs. From beginning to end, Tales of the South attends to every tiny detail with the utmost attention and care. We are happy to assist with any and all requests and make your smile our priority! Known for our expertise and unique approach to producing events, we focus on providing the highest level of quality service and client satisfaction, and have earned the respect of our clients as well as our competitors. 


Mrs. Linda Odom, owner and founder, brings over 20 years of event planning and hospitality experience. A Southerner, experienced traveler, voracious reader and history enthusiast, Mrs. Odom not only knows how to show you a good time in the deep South, but also enjoys taking groups from the South to experience other sites and sounds such as trips to New York City with a Southern twist! A loving mother and grandmother, Mrs. Odom is known for teaching the younger generation the niceseties, traditions and beauty of Southern culture.





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