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Spring Into Savannah

Savannah. Get lost in her endless maze of gardens and squares! There is truly nowhere else in the country like the "Hostess City of the South," and no other time that is truly more perfect to meet her than spring.

It's not hard to see why this belle's dance card is never empty. If you make the commitment to visit Savannah in the spring, know you won't be alone! This beauty is known far and wide for her grace, charm, culture, and unmatched allure. Most people assume she will be at her lovliest in April, but with our mild winters some of the best times to visit are the beginning of March before the city is completely overrun with green-clad party goers. In addition, spring rates for hotels will top out with St. Patrick's holiday week, and will remain at peak levels until mid May.

Sometimes the best way to acchieve the best price and to maximize the experience is to open yourself up to the world of group and package travel. Think of it this way... as a lone traveler, you may not be able to afford the rent of a private home or have a catered dinner for one. But by sharing the cost between 20 or 30 friends or more, the trip becomes an affordable and memorable event.

Savannah simply can not be done (right) with a mere map and guide book. You have to meet her people, be invited into a downtown home, and stroll the endless lanes and side streets of its historic district with someone who knows them like the back of their graceful hand. Get lost and find a small cafe or find the perfect bench to sit, and eat a warm chocolate River Street Sweets praline while trying to figure out what that deliciously sweet smell is coming from the blooms that are just beginning to open.

Spring into Savannah with Tales of the South. We're on the intersection of Southern hospitality and the stuff memories are made from.

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